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Oil Rig Maintenance Man Jobs | Simply Hired Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Jobs 1- 10 of 19– Every Oil Rig Maintenance Man job on the web. 19 jobs available. Recent Jobs: Electrical Engineer, Maintenance Supervisor Beluga Power Offshore Roustabout and Maintenance- Roustabout Oil Jobs Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo To get hired for the an oil rig job, get to know what&39;s required for the position, read all of. He&39;ll also know all of the men working under him their strengths and Sitemap For Roustabout Oil Jobs- Roustabout Oil Rig Employment Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Sitemap For Roustabout Oil Jobs- Roustabout Oil Rig Employment, jobs Roustabout Maintenance Man Become a Qualified Welder& Get An Oil Rig Job Oil Rig Life: Oil Drilling Rig Jobs in Alberta Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Rig Life. What does it take to work on a drilling rig? It really takes a hard As the bottom man you will also get to do things like cleaning garbage cans, making coffee. and maintenance of rig equipments/ offshore cranes/ heavy equipments/ etc. Sir please help me to get hired in your company because i really want to Projects- JayBee Energy Pvt. Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo 2, OIL/CCO/DRLG/5286/2000) Oil India Limited, Duliajan, Assam, Hiring of man management services for Operation& Maintenance of 1 noe OIL&39;s owned Drilling Rig, June&39;02, 2 Yrs, 2,37,00, Completed. 3, OIL/CCO/DRLG/6339/2002) Oil How to Get a Good Job Working On An Offshore Oil Drilling Rig Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Hiring has slacked off a bit but some offshore drilling companies are still such as automotive maintenance there are jobs on the rig that a person could get While rig crews, rougnecks, are still mostly a men&39;s only club, there are exceptions. Jobs in Oil Drilling Company | eHow Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Once a new hire is trained in rig operations and safety, he can become a roughneck. maintenance on rig equipment and mixes the chemicals for the drilling fluid The company man is therefore the final authority on rig site except on some The 10 Worst Jobs of 2011 | CareerCast Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo As the key providers of maintenance for oil rigs and pipelines, Roustabouts of offshore drilling in America&39;s eastern Gulf and Atlantic coastlines, the hiring. I have a family member who is a"boss man"/ drill consultant and does fairly well. oil- rig- employment | The best oil- rig- employment- Fishing and Boats Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbs Offshore roustabout drilling work | Offshore Hiring p; Undo oil- rig- employment and shipping- employment for marine electrical and electronics Ships must, by maritime law, be manned with appropriately qualified and. Do I not qualify for oil rig electricle maintenance engineer( trademan) Not rated Oil Rig Job Descriptions and Salaries Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo The common denominator to most offshore oil rig job descriptions involves Plus, even though it&39;s dirty work, many seasoned men and women will agree it fits the bill and gets seen by thousands of hiring offshore rigs, the only legitimate-gt; Maintenance Roustabout: General Cleaning and some Painting, $33K- $47 K Entry Level- THE ORIGINAL GUIDE to Offshore Jobs at Oil fields, on Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Here is a brief outline of courses offered to oil riggers: IADC Rig Pass. Helicopter Safety. Well Head Maintenance/ Safety. Rig Floor Safety. Man Overboard Oilfield Jobs. Oil& Gas Jobs, Oilfield Employment Tips Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo The most important work done on the drilling rig is done by hard working men with strong backs know as roughnecks. The are responsible for making the Offshore Work- Employment Spot Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Sep 24, 2008– There is a high demand for offshore oil work, yet the supply of so they typically perform more general labor such as maintenance, cleaning and painting. offshore rigs to care for the men and women working on the oil rig. Alaska North Slope Jobs: Resources, Employers& Contact Information Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Insider info on Alaska North Slope Jobs; who&39;s hiring, what they&39;re hiring for, to Alaska&39;s oil and gas

industry in the form of pipeline maintenance and repair, oil. The Oooguruk site is a man-made gravel island almost 6 miles offshore in Oil Rig Jobs No Experience- The#1 Fastest Way To Get Oil Rig Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Oil Rig Jobs No Experience What does it take to really get hired. Roustabout maintenance man $45000 $48000/year: These oil rig jobs no experience offshore employment | All about offshore- Offshore Drilling Jobs Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo All you need to know about offshore employment and how to find a job in oil and gas Oil Rig Employment then this is whole different ball game and many who have For platforms they might be maintenance personnel, for drilling rigs they Entry Level Oil Rig Jobs Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Dec 12, 2011– Today, the oil rig employment s Maintenance man oil rig ector is buzzing with jobs, as there is rise in maintenance work are secondary responsibilities of a roustabout. Safety and Health Topics | Oil and Gas Well Drilling, Servicing and Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo This page is a part of an ongoing commitment by OSHA and the oil and gas well drilling, servicing and storage industry to requirements for exit routes; 1910.37, Maintenance, safeguards, and operational features for exit routes. Drilling Technology for the Man on the Rig Employment and Training Administration. Types of Marine Jobs: Pump Man | Marine Insight Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Feb 6, 2011– An important merchant marine jobs on oil tankers or rig is that of a pump man.In terms of merchant marine employment,pump man are need of oil man can be explained as being threefold: supervision, maintenance and Finding jobs in America&39;s Boomtown- Oct. 28, 2011 Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Oct 28, 2011– Workers are landing six-figure jobs in the oil boomtowns of North Dakota. And jobs include everything from working on a rig to hauling crude and 2500 job openings at any given time, you&39;ll see one hiring sign after another. from lifting equipment to getting dirty performing maintenance on oil wells. Don Pedro`s Offshore Oil Rig Jobs Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo The near future offshore employment: The majority of new oil exploration and their pipelines) but getting older and needing more underwater maintenance. Chief Mechanic, Crane Operators, Derrick men, Drillers, Assistant Drillers, etc. Oil Rig Jobs- The Most Important Things You Need To Know Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Oil rig jobs may sound like tough soliciting jobs, but there are advantages provided for the ballast controlman, up to captain, chief engineer, rig medic and safety man. Their job description includes maintenance of the emergency supplies, verifying Offshore Drilling Jobs: How To Get Hired Without Drilling Experience Oil Pipelines Job Overview- JobMonkey Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Find an oil pipeline job, oil and gas job, oil rig job or other energy career. Petroleum Engineer Employment To build a pipeline takes a huge initial investment, but once it&39;s built, the cost of labor and pipeline maintenance are fairly low. Man In Canada roughnecks make about at least 6 figures a year 100000 in that Pros and Cons of Oil Rig Jobs Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Working on an oil rig is a bittersweet lifestyle. On the other hand, the working conditions aren&39;t the safest, you are stationed miles offs Derrickhand oil vacancies | Offshore Hiring hore on a small man made metal hands who take care of all the little maintenance and cleaning duties aboard the rig. Feel free to read more if you are interested in oil rig employment. How to Make Money Off Salt Water Drilling | Small Business- Chron Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Salt water oil rigs can be dangerous but lucrative. workers each year- everyone from drillers and engineers to electricians and maintenance men. These fleets hire people in two ways: through traditional job postings, to which you apply, Oilfield Lore Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Perhaps no industry has affected Louisiana so profoundly as the oil business. the company man, who represents whichever oil company has hired the rig There are other jobs, too, in maintenance, for instance, but those are the main one s Rig job- Materials man. Program Cached Y

ou +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo We have been helping people gain employment in the land and offshore oil Maintenance Foreman Oil Rig Painter Materials Man/ Storeman Resume- Rig Recruitment Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo 101 Offshore Oil Jobs- offers an employment guide for offshore oil rig jobs, how to Alba International- Isle of Man- Oil ad gas recruitment services worldwide. production& maintenance, engineering& construction, professional services Rig job- Materials man. Oil Rig Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Jobs 1- 10 of 730– Materials Man- Drilling Rig Based in Drilling Rig Based for A Responsible for the maintenance of the stores, OIl RIg Work HIrIng- JobAlarm Job Types- OIL WORK- OIL EMPLOYMENT Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Entry Level Jobs: Maintenance Roustabout, General Labor, Painters, Rig Management: Toolpusher, Offshore Installation Manager, Company man/woman Register Send On board most oil rigs you typically work for 14 days at a time. Oil Rig Jobs Notes And Rants For Those With No Experience Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Jun 26, 2010– What is a Geologist&39;s Salary on an Offshore/Exploratory Oil Rig? the two jobs, but they do piping, maintenance and other skilled work than the guys one step below. If you want to get hired, make sure you sound like a man. Truck Driver OIL RIGS Now Hiring Miami Area Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Feb 20, 2011– Truck Drivers are needed for the off-shore and on-shore oil rigs. Materials man/ woman(Store man/woman) Responsible for the maintenance Offshore Gas and Oil Jobs | Oil Platform Positions Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Earn a great living worki Maintenance man oil rig ng on offshore oil platforms. Find the latest jobs in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, and other offshore oil Company Man- The oil company representative who helps with training, regulations, or other problems that arise. Commercial Deepwater Diver- A diver takes care of all of the maintenance, Oil rig jobs based out of Houston- Houston, Texas Jobs- Page 4 Cached You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo Im currently seeking for employment at an Oil Rig Company. Im willing to start at an TRAIN TO BE A SAFTEY MAN OF SOME KIND. OR WORK ON Responsibilities: Performed maintenance on four wheelers and dirt bikes. Delivered and[PDF]  North Dakota Oilfield Employment You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat- Quick View Finding employment in the oil patch is an attractive prospect for The first step is setting up the drilling rig and getting the hole drilled, pipes installed, and cement. pumping tests, carrying out minor maintenance and repairs including means such as man-hauling or motors, so that the pole can move in all four directions. Deepwater Horizon explosion- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cached nbsp; Similar You +1'd this publicly.nbsp; Undo For the drilling rig and oil spill, see Deepwater Horizon(disambiguation). task and it has"a strong maintenance program to keep blowout preventers working" Toby Odone, a BP spokesman, said rigs hired by BP have had better safety It did have a dead man&39;s switch designed to automatically cut the pipe and seal Ads nbsp; Why these ads? These ads are based on your current search terms. Visit Googles Ads Preferences Manager to learn more or opt out. Jobs Offshore Maintenance You +1&39;d this publicly.nbsp; Undo 5 open positions left. Apply now! Jobs Offshore Maintenance Hire Maintenance Staff You +1&39;d this publicly.nbsp; Undo Find and hire the most qualified maintenance techs, managers, etc Maintenance Man Jobs You +1&39;d this publicly.nbsp; Undo Search for Maintenance Man Jobs postings- Find your new job today. Indeed Maintenance Jobs You +1&39;d this publicly.nbsp; Undo Your Source For Maintenance Jobs That Are Hiring Today! Offshore Drilling You +1&39;d this publicly.nbsp; Undo Offshore Drilling Is Vital To U.S. Energy Security& Economic Growth Hiring? You +1&39;d this publicly.nbsp; Undo Post Jobs, Search Resumes& Find the Right Candidates w/ Monster Stanwood Boom Works You +1&39;d this publicly.nbsp; Undo Oil Boom Inventory Leftover from BP Oil Spill. $6.25 per Linear Ft! Offshore jobs You +1&39;d this publicly.nbsp; Undo Apply For 892 Jobs in Your Area. Make $8-$60/Hour. Hiring Now! See your ad here raquo;

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